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Motorhome Services

Regular Motorhome Servicing ensures that your home on wheels is not only safe, but we can identify potential faults such as damp or faulty appliances before they become a major problem. Once you have spent time with your pride and joy, you will know what  you want to change - and that is the time we can help!

Habitation & Damp Check

  • Gas system pressure and operational check 

  • 240v and 12c electric circuits tested

  • Water pump, taps, shower, drains 

  • Ventilation, cold and hot blown air / heating systems

  • Internal and external panels, windows, doors, seals

  • Fire safety - fixtures, fittings and additions

  • Full service and damp report supported by detailed observations and recommendations.

  • We cannot promise to find every fault or nuance in every moho we assess, but not much passes by our thorough and in-depth assessment inside a motorhome that you own or intend to purchase.

Air Suspension

Motorhome rear Air suspension upgrades
  • Proud installer of Martech Suspension Systems

  • Heavy duty rear air suspension installation to improve handling and reduce wind buffeting

  • Independant L / R inflation dashboard gauges

  • Twin gauges with inflate/deflate switches installed in dashboard

  • Integrated compressor

  • Individual air lines for L/R inflation

  • Increases payload capacity 

  • Whilst we are underneath the van we often find ourselves fitting an underslung spare tyre carrier

12V & 240V Electrical Upgrades


​Wanting to take your van off grid more and enjoy the freedom of overnighting where you wish? We can install the following to make this possible:​

  • Stay off EHU for longer with bigger lithium batteries

  • Charge more quickly with better MPPT solar chargers
  • Charge quicker whilst driving with upgraded B2Bs 
  • Increased charging on EHU with better 240v chargers

  • Monitor your power consumption with Cerbo GX / Shunt power management systems

  • Deliver 240v via Victron Multiplus inverter to suit you

  • Increase your solar harvest with more solar panels

  • Circuit re-wiring

TDi Tuning and Economy Improvment

Plug & Play TDI engine tuning upgrades
  • Plug & Play solution

  • Improves engine HP up to 25%

  • Improved fuel economy

  • No requirement for an ECU re-map

  • Transferrable between vehicles

  • From £350.00 per module

Gaslow Installations

  • GASLOW Refillable LPG system

  • Qualified Installer

  • Single or twin bottle systems

  • Fillable throughout UK and Europe

LED Lighting, 12v & WiFi Upgrades

Motorhome electrical upgrades.jpg
  • LED lighting - internal or external installations

  • Front / rear light bars

  • Rear high level light clusters

  • Side marker indicators

  • Internal circuit upgrades

  • Canopy / awning / hab door lighting

  • Extra USB/USBc and 240v sockets

  • 12v TVs /  sliding storage / mountingsn 

  • Alexa installation and voice connectivity

  • Mobile WIFI / roof mounted router upgrades

  • Roof mounted WIFI / TV booster aerials

  • Headlamp / Headlight upgrades  

Fuel tank capacity & payload increase

Motorhome Fuel tank range upgrades
  • Removal of artificial limiter

  • Modify float gauge

  • Increase fuel capacity to Fiat OEM 90L 

  • Modification to permit 1/3 increase in range

  • No overfill warning light 


Payload Increase

  • All appropriate measurements taken

  • Paperwork completed and and weights calculated

  • Engineers report and DVLA submission

  • VIN plate and V5 amended to reflect new weight

Bespoke Installations

  • Exchange gas oven for electric microwave / air fryer

  • Full solar roof installations with maximum panels

  • Bespoke requests eg. skylight removal 

  • Fixtures and fittings eg. bed removal / seating install

  • Twin Sony HD rear cameras

  • Full 360 Omni View surround video / record system

  • Battery replacement / relocation

  • Satellite dish / systems installation 

  • Trouble shooting and repairs 

  • Air conditioning (garage mounted)

  • Diesel Heaters (Planar systems preferred)

  • Remedial Hab Check work

Off grid and solar upgrades


Get the most out of your roof space and internal storage

  • Solar panel - power planning service

  • Solar roof - from increase power from 100w to 900w

  • Flexible, semi flexible and rigid solar panels

  • Battery upgrades to lithium 

  • Bespoke storage relocation and storage solutions

Servicing and MOTs

  • Motorhome, Caravan, Trailer, Horsebox servicing

  • Habitation Checks and maintenance

  • Troubleshooting and repairs

  • MOT arrangement at local motorhome friendly garage

Paul & Lee Davenport - Blackburn

Really happy with the 16KG Gaslow refillable system fitted into our Mobilvetta K Yacht 59.
Fitted onsite whilst we worked.

Martin Ruddick

Mobilvetta K Yacht 95
Jonathans always doing modifications to our van, the latest being a plug and play TDi Tuning install which has really improved my driving  

Robin Jones- Wales

Met Jonathan on site and he very kindly sorted out my non existant gas supply problem, traced to an air lock on the valves inside the van.
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